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We’re a collaborative, results-driven team who are constantly working to improve the food and beverage industry.

We do great work for great clients, with smart, creative people. Since 1996, we’ve helped businesses develop and execute initiatives driven by rigorous analytics, a passion for change and a relentless focus on results. We are practitioners who meet the challenges of the highly complex and competitive food and beverage industry with enthusiasm.

Working at Radian

Work alongside experienced, established professionals within a nimble, straightforward work environment to make meaningful change for Radian’s clients.

As a Radian team member you’ll contribute to our service offerings that span the spectrum of the food and beverage industry, including retailers, foodservice companies, and suppliers.

Working at Radian is an opportunity to be part of a growing company and do work that leaves a tangible, lasting impact. We hire talented leaders with a strong desire to control the arc of their careers, including professional development, advancement, and work-life balance.


At Radian, we believe in finding and keeping the best talent, and our highly competitive compensation packages reflect that belief. We also believe in balancing ambitions with a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. Active, fulfilling personal lives help make a great workplace. Our health, wellness, and financial benefits include:

  • Healthcare insurance
  • Savings and retirement – 401(k) plan
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Paid holidays

Values and philosophy

Food and beverage businesses turn to us to improve their merchandising capabilities and create work cultures focused on growth and performance. We also help clients build great relationships with their business partners. We anchor our approach with these values:

We do great work

It’s a simple, four-word statement — but it says what you need to know about us. We work as a team. We deliver for our clients. The work we do is high quality and achieves the goals we aim for. Radian is about smart people working together on meaningful change for our clients.

Achievement is one thing; fulfillment is another

One way we achieve our goals is by knowing what challenges to take on. We make certain the problems our clients bring us are their most important and substantial. The work we do at Radian is fulfilling because it yields real, positive results for businesses.

We hire action-minded people

Our people are capable of identifying gaps in both process and opportunity, then building bridges to cross them. We seek analytical and creative minds that enjoy connecting data points to form a clear a picture of what is and what could be.

We hire motivated people

The role of our leadership team is to clear a path for you to do the best work possible, and learn as much as you want. For the self-starter, it’s like becoming an entrepreneur with built-in support.

Your growth is in your hands

Your personal and professional growth with Radian will be driven by positive interactions with your team, leadership, and clients. We’ve dropped one-size-fits-all development plans for plans that are customized and experiential, because those yield the greatest success.

We still know how to relax and have fun

We expect flexibility, and we give it. There is no time clock here. No prizes for arriving first or leaving last. Associates are expected to support their clients and team members, and meet their deadlines. But they are also encouraged to pursue a fulfilling and interesting life beyond work.

Qualities we look for

We hire talented individuals who have a strong desire to be the driver of their own career. People who thrive at Radian prefer a nimble and straightforward work environment, with a clear path towards growth and impact. Our team members have various backgrounds and skills, which we see as a strength, but we share these common values and characteristics:

Natural leaders

Understand how to influence decisions and drive to resolution, regardless of role or experience level.

Analytical problem solvers

Enjoy generating ideas and are equally committed to seeing them through; design and implement plans that transform creative thinking into real, tangible results.


Thrive in entrepreneurial environments; enjoy wearing many hats; demonstrate unwavering tenacity to do whatever is necessary to help our clients succeed.


Balance independent thinking with being a team player; share knowledge and experiences to help clients and other team members develop and succeed.


Adapt to highly dynamic business priorities and environments and demonstrate the flexibility and courage to change course when a situation requires.


Generate self-starting opportunities by meeting challenges head on with a driving passion to see great work done well.

Paths and roles at Radian

A career at Radian moves from individual contributor roles to progressively greater leadership responsibilities, both internally and with clients. Radian is a growing company with a need for outstanding talent, so your opportunities to grow and advance are many.


  • Analytically astute
  • Proficient in data management
  • Executes analytic reporting and deliverables
  • Demonstrates critical thinking and analytical skills

Senior Analyst

  • Detailed problem solver
  • Advanced aptitude with data management and productivity tools
  • Demonstrates advanced analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Develops reporting solutions and deliverables


  • Insightful leader
  • Delivers insights and recommendations
  • Exhibits leadership with clients and Radian teams
  • Develops deep industry knowledge and functional subject matter expertise

Senior Manager

  • Performance driven
  • Propels business performance at leadership levels
  • Manages scope, deliverables, Radian staff and client teams
  • Identifies business opportunities; develops and executes strategic plans


  • Trusted advisor
  • Delivers executive insights and solutions to clients
  • Plays lead role in business development and account management
  • Actively develops Radian staff


  • Champion of results
  • Enhances executive relationships and extends client support
  • Expands and innovates on Radian’s service line offerings