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Our Approach

What we do

Data gives you information. People give you insight. Radian gives you both. Our approach helps you identify problems, realize solutions, and get results – fast.

From research and planning to execution and evaluation, we offer a full spectrum of services and solutions, which are structured in these three categories:


Discover & Design

Build a reliable foundation for making informed, confident decisions

  • Understand challenges and goals in the context of your market, competition, and partnerships
  • Clean, restructure, and analyze data to uncover hidden opportunities within processes and sales strategies
  • Track and evaluate key analytics using customized and interactive dashboards


Analyze & Strategize

Design actionable plans centered on your customers

  • Use foundational data to define targets and objectives
  • Leverage our food and beverage industry expertise, so plans are realistic, nuanced and actionable
  • Develop plans focused on impacts and results — across all aspects of your merchandising, marketing, operations, and customer experience


Activate & Evaluate 

Implement, monitor, and course-correct for continued results

  • Roll up our sleeves and work alongside you until we see the anticipated results
  • Generate ROI faster than anyone in the industry, onboarding in half the time other competitors require
  • Give your teams more time to do what they were hired to do with our ongoing support services

How we do it

Our approach is:


We don’t like mysteries. We make sure you know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. 


Data on its own doesn’t get you very far. We deliver plans that are intuitive, executable, and backed by rigorous research and analysis.


As we work with and help train your people, we create opportunities for them to take ownership of strategic initiatives while fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


We measure the success of what we do. When something isn’t working, we fix it.


Our clients trust us because we’ve delivered. We’ve helped national leaders in the food and beverage industry achieve significant gains in profitability and efficiency.


We’re willing to start smart, prioritizing your needs, and tackling one project at a time to suit your budget capacity. We can set up our tools to complement or work alongside your existing analytics services.

What you get

When you work with Radian, you get an accessible and knowledgeable partner committed to helping you grow your business.

Industry practitioners: Radian is a team of practitioners and data scientists with deep experience in grocery retail and CPG. We understand your business because we have done the work that you do.

Powerful technology: Our easy-to-use, web-based analytics and planning tools are built to suit your needs and updated in real time with on-demand access via any desktop or mobile device.

Objective, usable data: We clean and restructure data to match the way your business and customers think about product groupings and prices, which makes it more useful, more relevant, and easier to interpret and apply.

Actionable, achievable plans: We work with your team to formulate and execute actionable, data-driven plans focused on specific priorities and rooted in a comprehensive understanding of your marketplace.

Fast, measurable results: Our proprietary, web-based tools can be built, customized, and deployed a full year faster than that of our competitors, which means a quicker return on your investment.

The Radian Difference – When clients work with us, they see more than a marked improvement in financial performance. They see stronger business partner relationships, greater customer satisfaction, and a more collaborative internal culture tenaciously oriented around growth.

We’re not just another analytics company. The difference is our people and in our approach.

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