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About Us

We are a merchandising, planning, and analytics firm that helps grocery retailers and suppliers drive market share, strengthen customer loyalty and increase profitability – fast.

Radian was founded in 1996 to provide short-term advisory and project management solutions. Since that time we’ve drastically expanded our services to now employ advanced analytics methods as well as valuable insights gained from years of industry experience. We use these tools and knowledge to create and execute data-driven plans that improve how businesses serve their customers.

Leading food brands have come to know Radian as one of the most agile, responsive, and reliable partners in this space.

We empower our clients to adapt to challenges both large and small, from weathering economic recessions and national logistic strains, to confronting the emergence of big data and the rapid changes in consumer behavior that took place during the global pandemic.

Through it all, our clients have come to know our firm as one of the most agile, responsive and reliable partners in this space. Because we’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with them through the storms, they trust us to help them make smart, calculated decisions, no matter the weather.

Our Value Proposition

Powerful tools, real-world insight, and fast, measurable growth.

Our vision

Food and grocery are essential to every community. Getting these necessities into the hands of American families — and supporting the people who make that happen — is exactly why we get up in the morning.

We aim to be the best, not the biggest. We want to make a real difference for food and beverage businesses, and become a critical partner in improving performance and profitability.

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