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Success Stories

Retail pricing strategy and implementation

Client Challenge

A 130 store, $3.5 billion regional grocery retailer with a poor price image was seeking help in defining its future pricing strategy.

In a difficult competitive environment, the retailer had limited ability to invest significantly in pricing and sought ways to improve its price image while minimizing margin investment and expense.

Radian’s Impact

In developing the pricing strategy, Radian performed market and zone-level competitive analysis, modeled item and category elasticity performance, defined new store price zone assignments, established enterprise category price indexing targets, defined the client pricing business rules, and defined a 4-year investment and implementation plan.

Radian provided an outsourced solution to support the category pricing program with an on-site senior analyst using Radian’s advanced tools and analytical capabilities.


Pricing model and toolset was configured to the retailer’s specific objectives and business rules.

Enterprise communication on pricing strategy, process development, and implementation.

On-site Radian support resource to aid in coaching, training, and communicating pricing strategy and rules.

Base sales improvement of +1.5% projected over a 4-year implementation cadence, and a 280 bp improvement in competitive pricing index.

On-going measurement results indicated 18 of the first 23 categories were successfully executing the pricing strategy and generating the projected sales and margin impact.

Radian identified corrective actions for the remaining categories (those not achieving the projected performance targets).