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Success Stories

Project support for large and complex acquisition

Client Challenge

A $2.4 billion multi-national firm acquired a $200 million business unit of another complex, multi-national company; each having different organizational structures, management systems, and corporate cultures.

The parent company wanted a complete integration of business teams, systems, and distribution facilities within 120 days and field sales operations within 18 months but lacked:

A sufficient level of knowledgeable resources and subject matter experts and;

The project management capabilities to effectively support the integration in the specified time horizon.

Radian’s Impact

Established formal and comprehensive project management office with clear financial budget responsibilities.

Led Radian and client resources with an integrated and collaborative approach across various functions in the organization.

Maintained a significant project leadership role while supporting the training of internal staff and business teams.

Managed market level supply chain fulfillment processes in parallel with client team development.


Systems integration, project plan development, resourcing, IT oversight, test protocols and systems cut-over management for sales and supply chain systems.

15-month field sales office conversion plan with implementation of office consolidations, systems conversions and staff training.

Radian enabled a hard cutover of sales fulfillment and warehouse systems and field sales office conversion management on time and under budget and without customer disruption.