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Success Stories

Procurement and inventory replenishment support

Client Challenge

A $12 billion regional retailer implemented a new operating model that required additional resources and expertise to manage inventory and coordinate purchase orders between suppliers and a distribution provider.

Additional support and expertise was especially required within the retailer’s large volume and highly perishable fresh meat categories supplied by various protein suppliers.

Radian’s Impact

Radian quickly provided the retailer with on-site, experienced fresh meat buyers to coordinate the daily and weekly flow of product between suppliers, distribution provider and stores without business interruption to the core center-of-plate categories.

Our buyers maintain active lines of communication between the Merchandising teams and the protein suppliers to manage through the complexity of base and promoted volume purchase orders, inventory planning and delivery requirements.

Radian actively works with the retailer’s fresh meat Directors and Category Manages to identify sales initiatives, product allocation strategies and store support communication as part of the weekly ebb and flow product.


Our on-site team supports the weekly movement of roughly 3 million pounds of fresh meat between suppliers, distribution centers and stores – this represents over 150 million pounds and $350 million in annual sales.

Radian’s team actively collaborates with the retailer’s Merchandising and Supply Chain teams, as well as the protein suppliers, to provide +99% service level to ensure that both the stores and shoppers have the products they need.