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Services & Expertise

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Advanced analytics tools built to enhance retailer-supplier collaboration, and backed by a team of supply chain veterans 

Forecasting and Demand Planning

Insight into historical sales and promotional activity that helps you develop accurate, well-timed sales and procurement plans.

Forecast key categories and collaborate with suppliers for higher accuracy “turn” and “promotion week” sales.

Inventory Management

Refine how you monitor and manage the flow of highly perishable or promoted categories into distribution centers. Ensure product is on hand while minimizing shrink and store allocations.

Procurement Support

Field-tested procurement processes for more effective collaboration between retailers and suppliers. Coordinate orders and deliveries to the right distribution centers at the right time to optimize product flow, inventory levels and saleable days.

Translate your supplier decisions into detailed forecasts, orders, and supplier-specific POs, to help you maintain a smooth supply chain.