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Radian Fuels Retailer Growth through Assortment Management and Execution

Radian continues its best-in-class support of the Retail Grocery industry by leveraging the right combination of art and science to develop the optimal product assortment for their clients. Through a unique blend of modern day ‘big data’ analytics combined with ‘real world’ insights and experience, Radian helps Retailers drive sales and margin growth, improve the customer shopping experience and reduce shrink.

1. The Right Items for the Right Customers and Stores

Radian begins this journey through rigorous analysis of the product offering – by banner, by store cluster size and by season. Initial “data driven” recommendations are then methodically reviewed with client Category Managers and Radian senior practitioners to uncover additional brand, segment and item specific opportunities with eye towards differentiation and local customization wherever possible. The latter is “the art” component of a process re-freshed every season to ensure our clients continuously adapt to the evolving shopper demographics and competitive landscape in their markets. Today’s time-starved shoppers are rewarding Retailers that offer the right products and are consistently in-stock for core items.

2. The Right Level of Collaboration and Engagement

The highest levels of in-store success occurs when both Merchandising and Store Operations align on the business goals and desired outcomes. Radian’s business process ensures both teams participate in the development and communication of the assortment – as well as the stocking and display expectations for store associates. This is especially important in a post-COVID environment where every customer, basket and trip is critically important in retaining loyalty, share and profitability. Radian takes pride in actively engaging with corporate, field and store associates as the process unfolds. Training and providing store associates with the detailed assortment, store level plan-o-grams and replenishment ‘checklists’ significantly improves sales growth and in-stock execution performance and minimizes shrink.

3. The Right Measurement Tools and Process

Radian’s advanced capabilities provide a range of tools to support Executives, Merchants, Field Specialists and Store Associates. From PDF reports to advanced online scorecards accessible via desktop or mobile devices, Radian configures the metrics, scorecards and communication process to best fit your organization. The significant improvement in the example above is driven in large part because Radian provides online tools and reports with over 800 client staff on a weekly basis.

Learn more about how Radian supports leading retailers, distributors and food and beverage suppliers in today’s complex and fast-moving Retail and Foodservice channels.

About Radian

Radian Group, Inc. is a professional services firm that integrates big data, analytics, and industry expertise into an efficient solution for Grocery Retailers, Foodservice Distributors, and Food and Beverage manufacturers. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Radian has an office in Minneapolis and client teams in cities around the US including Houston, Pittsburgh, Albany, Kansas City, Charlotte, and Jacksonville.

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