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S&D Coffee and Radian Leverage Big Data to Fuel Growth in the Foodservice Marketplace

To complement their internal sales and marketing activities, S&D Coffee has partnered with Radian to identify and prioritize their most important market, customer and product opportunities in the complex foodservice industry.

Rick Babineau, Vice President, S&D Coffee

“We use Radian as our business planning and category management partner to provide information and relevant insights in our large-scale business with a leading US foodservice distributor. They provide all the data analytics that you might expect. But more importantly, they take the time to learn about our product, our business and our industry to uncover growth opportunities that otherwise would have been lost in the vast amount of data that is available. In a business that is increasingly data-driven, their team has demonstrated a do-whatever-it-takes commitment to accurate and timely reporting utilizing a collaborative approach to developing customized analytics and reports that are invaluable to our success. We rely on Radian to help us make sense of complex data in a way that allows us to quickly and effectively deploy our resources to support our customers and grow the business.”

Kristin Caffey, Director, Radian

“The foodservice channel is exploding with more data from more sources than ever before. Suppliers and distributors are rapidly trying to absorb large amounts of information without overwhelming their organizations. Radian’s role is unique in that we do the heavy lifting to bridge ‘big data’ into action to drive growth for our foodservice clients. We are extremely proud to support one the best coffee suppliers in the industry. They are truly committed to unlocking the value of our advanced analytics to develop sales initiatives for their key markets and products. We look forward to continued best-in-class partnerships and innovation in all categories we support.” Click here to HERE to learn more about how Radian supports leading food and beverage suppliers in today’s complex and fast-moving foodservice channel.

About S&D Coffee

Since 1927, S&D has grown and transformed to meet the needs of our customers. From the beginning, our founders realized the need to bring coffee to the local area through grocery store delivery. Today, as the largest custom coffee roaster in America, our capabilities extend into the evolving world of extracts and ingredients — creating new possibilities for culinary applications and exciting new beverage choices for customers.

About Radian

Radian Group, Inc. is a professional services firm focused on the food supplier, retailer, and foodservice industry. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Radian has an office in Minneapolis and client teams located in cities throughout the US including Houston, Pittsburgh, Portland, Albany, Kansas City and Jacksonville.