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Radian Leads the Way in Meat Department Innovation: Managing Protein and Consumer Ready Meat

Many retailers have not had the opportunity to understand the benefits of Consumer Ready programs in the context of their Meat Department and Fresh foods strategy. Now is the time for retailers to position themselves for the substantial competitive and regulatory requirements that are emerging.

The majority of large, successful retailers have already developed new meat department strategies and have moved into Consumer Ready Meat as a point of differentiation.  Assortment complexities, labor costs and availability, regulatory challenges, food safety and consumer expectations require a new way of thinking about your meat department.

Over the last 18 years, Radian has helped retailers assess the role of their Meat departments and how they may leverage both full and partial Consumer Ready programs. Often, these retailers realize results of up to 8% in sales and 6% in net margin returns. Radian understands fresh meat merchandising, operations, and most importantly what it takes to implement a program that differentiates at shelf and aligns with retail grocery P&Ls.

Radian shows retailers innovative Meat Department and Fresh strategies that can drive better sales and margin performance.  Read more about Radian’s approach to guiding retailers through the complex world of fresh meat merchandising with Consumer Ready fresh meat at: 2018 Radian Consumer Ready Meat Whitepaper

About Radian

Radian Group, Inc. is a professional services firm focused within the food supplier, retailer, and foodservice industry. Based in Nashville, TN, Radian has an office in Minneapolis and client teams in cities around the US including Houston, Pittsburgh, Portland, Albany, Kansas City, and Jacksonville.