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Radian Augments Foodservice Channel Capabilities

Radian is leading the way in delivering advanced planning, analytics and execution solutions in the Foodservice industry.  Leveraging our firm’s robust food and beverage industry toolset and capabilities, Radian helps customers quickly develop innovative growth initiatives and provides the necessary implementation tools, training and resources to successfully execute in the field.

The foundation for Radian’s Foodservice platform is a business planning and analytics approach that leverages the information you already have and quickly filling in the gaps rather than significant, incremental investment in more data or technology. We build on that foundation with in-depth category management experience in hundreds of categories and over 100 suppliers to quickly understand the most important drivers of sales, customer and financial performance.

Recently, Radian developed and delivered a high impact sales growth initiative for a center-of-plate category for a large protein supplier and national Foodservice distributor.  Our analysis and insights highlighted the key products and markets to prioritize and quickly delivered 10% volume improvement. Additionally, our business development collateral and associate training sparked almost 50% more weekly participation from the field sales network.

Radian’s robust food and beverage industry expertise and capabilities allow us to configure innovative, fact-based and actionable customer growth, sales analytics and market execution plans for suppliers, brokers and distributors in today’s more complex, competitive and fast-moving Foodservice channel.

Go HERE to learn more about Radian’s Foodservice capabilities.

About Radian

Radian Group, Inc. is a professional services firm focused within the food supplier, retailer, and foodservice industry. Based in Nashville, TN, Radian has an office in Minneapolis and client teams in cities around the US including Houston, Pittsburgh, Portland, Albany, Kansas City, and Jacksonville.