Supply Chain & Inventory Management

Supply Chain & Inventory Management

Manage Your Supply Chain
Many initiatives and event programs become mobile, moving from store-to-store and market-to-market each week and require additional product than stores or distribution centers normally carry on-hand. We understand all of the moving parts to make an event successfully operate each and every time and will ensure that your Operations, Store, and Sales teams have little to worry about.

Gain Turn Key Transportation
Radian Activate can work directly with your internal Transportation team—or provide transportation services for the initiative or event fixtures and assets, working with your stores to deliver equipment in a timely and efficient manner.

Manage Product and Inventory
Radian manages large-scale, complex inventory management processes for many of our customers. We take VMI to the next level through innovative analytics and planning tools, experienced planning team members. and rigorous communication with all participants. Our team will engage Suppliers and Replenishment teams for each program to build proper product allocations and assess inventory positions in real time. In addition, we will work with appropriate Merchant and Pricing teams to align on pricing and PLU management for all products. Many of our supplier partners see exceptional value with the introduction of new items, where Radian ensures speed-to-shelf and distribution objectives are met.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs

Complement Loyalty Programs with In-store Events and Sales Initiatives
Retailers with Loyalty Programs can offer continuity benefits in a variety of ways to help keep your customers engaged and anticipate their needs—before, during, and after a sale or an event.

Balance Communication and Promotion
Customers often complain when they receive too much communication from retailers or brands. Radian Activate works with your Marketing and Customer Insights teams to strike the right balance between communicating valuable information and offering targeted promotions to further enhance your goals and initiatives.

In Market Research & Analysis

In Market Research & Analysis

Understand Consumer and Shopper Behaviors
Customer shopping and meal occasion habits and patterns are always being challenged by retailer, operator, and supplier campaigns. Radian Activate will work with your Customer Insights and Marketing team to determine what matters most to your consumers.

Create Opportunities to Draw and Retain Customers
Starting with your existing customer data, Radian Activate will incorporate syndicated data, industry information, and our own experiential insights to discover what it takes to not only re-engage your customer base but also draw in new customers from competitors to increase total basket size and sales.

Real-Time Insights
Radian Activate incorporates customer surveys to understand reactions to presentation, quality, product, brand and store impressions to help you focus on what is important now and in the future.

Display & Fixture Management

Display & Fixture Management

Complement the Experience With the Right Equipment
Radian Activate leverages its significant Retailer and Foodservice merchandising and operations experience to identify the appropriate fixtures, equipment, and signage needed to support the initiative concept and design.

From standalone displays in HBC or Center Store to a complex temperature-controlled set to supporting perishable foods, we have the experience to source and manage these assets as part of our suite of services.

Experience Full-Service Asset Management
Retailers and Foodservice Distributors already have enough complexity and in-store and market activity to manage without having to worry about sourcing, moving and maintaining equipment. Radian Activate works with your Operations and Transportation teams to facilitate the delivery of equipment to the stores and markets. Our Associates move, set-up, clean, and break down the equipment for each event without burdening in-store staff.

Radian Activate also manages the repair and maintenance of the equipment. Additionally, we ensure that all state and local regulatory requirements (food safety, sanitation, weights and measures certification for scales, etc.) are met to ensure the best quality and safety for your customers and stores.

Concept & Initiative Design

Concept & Initiative Design

Build The Right Foundation
Success with your customers begins with having the right concept defined and agreed upon. The Radian Activate team has significant experience collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders to design the best product, service, customer experience, operations, and sales solution.

Develop the Customer Solution
There are no shortcuts. Our experience and track record of success provides you with a disciplined and rigorous approach to ensure the sales and customer engagement initiative is executed without delays. We do much of the heavy lifting and then engage your teams thoughtfully to make this a “turn key”’ service for you.

Define the Value Proposition
All customers want value—but giving them a “free sample” is not necessarily what customers need, nor does it improve sales or adoption. We recognize that value for some customers is about healthy and convenient meal solutions. For others, it may be about high-quality ingredients for a family meal at a good value. Still others will seek a higher level of service and shopping experience.

Radian Activate has partnered with different types of retailers, brands, distributors, and suppliers to develop right initiatives and value proposition in the Fresh, Core Item, Operator, Sales Team, and HBC areas.

Staffing & Sales Training

Staffing & Sales Training

Leverage Turn Key Staff
Labor is a complex part of the Retail and Foodservice environment. We recognize that, for best execution and results, these sales and merchandising initiatives need to be staffed by people with a different profile than traditional store or sales associates.

Minimize Disruption While Meeting Your Objectives
Based on the business objectives and concept design, we will define and deliver the right type of associates for your initiatives. Our philosophy is to strike the right balance between customer engagement, education and salesmanship to deliver your customer and financial objectives.

The Radian approach allows the Retailers’ and Distributors’ internal staff to leverage their core competencies and minimizes disruption to their everyday roles and responsibilities.

Commit to Training
Every customer sales solution is different, and we recognize that we are guests in your stores. With that in mind, we make a significant investment in the training of our Activate Associates. We develop and customize the training content to the product, brand, service, and customer engagement requirements of your strategy, stores, and markets. Depending on the sales initiative, we can leverage our Activate Associates to train your in-store or field support teams, further leveraging Radian capabilities across your enterprise.

Radian Activate incorporates elements of classroom, in-store, and on-the-job training techniques to put our Associates in the best position to succeed. We thrive on generating customer traffic, in-store theater and excitement, and—perhaps most of all—sales to your stores and sales teams.

Supplier Partner Engagement

Supplier Partner Engagement

Drive Greater Success Through Better Collaboration
Collaboration between branded and commodity Suppliers, Retailers, and Foodservice distributors allows the leverage of tools, services, promotional support and ideas to maximize customer engagement and sales opportunities.

Harness Retailer, Distributor, and Supplier Capabilities into a “Customer Solution”
Radian Activate has worked with various types of suppliers to integrate their capabilities and ideas into initiative and customer solutions. Often, the business strategy and sales concept requires more than one product or brand coming together to form an easily communicated, easily understood customer or meal solution.

Identify The Right Partners To Drive Sales and Customer Engagement
From marketing collateral, brand or product attribute messaging, in-store training and support all the way through demand forecasts and weekly store level product allocations, Radian Activate has the resources and expertise to coordinate one or many supplier partners as part of your initiatives.

Analytics & Initiative Measurement

Analytics & Initiative Measurement

Measure the Success of Your Initiatives
Different in-market initiatives and events are geared towards different results – brand impressions, customer engagement and store and operator sales. Radian Activate will customize the analytics to best represent the impact of your strategic goals and financial objectives.

Gain Timely and Relevant Information
Our analytics team provides comprehensive reporting, scorecards, and consumer insights that are important to your stakeholders as well as Field teams. Program metrics often include items such as direct initiative sales, brand penetration, category and department sales lift, rest-of-basket impact and the post-initiative “halo” effect. in addition, we mine your data to identify underserved customers, stores, or business units and establish plans to drive increased sales and penetration.

Radian Activate can distribute these analytics conveniently and efficiently through our Radian Portal, a secure place for you to access your analytics and reports when you need it.

Activate Strategy

Activation Strategy

At the core of every successful branded event lies a comprehensive event strategy that aligns the interests (and promotional budgets) of multiple suppliers and stakeholders. A sound strategy requires effective planning, management, and measurement to be fully realized. Radian’s in-store event management platform provides a truly turn-key solution for food retailers, mass merchandisers, and suppliers. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a well-executed brand experience without having to worry about operational success.

Determine What You Want to Achieve
No two retailers, distributors, brands or markets are the same. Radian Activate works with your senior Marketing, Merchandising, Sales, and Operations teams to develop and customize a business strategy that best drives sales and engage the customer.

Leverage the Right Initiatives to Activate Your Strategy
Based on your objectives, we develop tailored concepts with the right customer solution and value proposition to drive trial, awareness and long-term loyalty.

We translate and extend your strategy across the Marketing, Sales, Merchandising, and Operations teams, ensuring alignment and bringing it to life. We take on the work of managing every aspect of an event, while you get the brand and customer impressions you want.

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Retailers, Foodservice sales teams, and their supplier partners require efficient in-store and market area sales programs and tools – not just lower impact demos or produce giveaways – to drive sales, shopper and operators experience, and competitiveness.

Product and Program Management

  • Initiatives and in-store activation programs are often not explicitly linked to an overarching strategic plan, financial objectives, promotional objectives, or promotion calendar.
  • Multi-supplier participation is often required to provide the right solution for the consumer; however, they are complex and require a great deal of supplier coordination.
  • Labor and sales force budgets often restrict the ability for associates to create, build, and execute short-term or category specific selling initiatives.
  • Retailers and Foodservice Distributors need activation teams trained for specific objectives; it is difficult to re-assign associates for a brief period of time or for multiple programs throughout the year.

Before the Event

  • Volume planning, store level forecasting and ordering to ensure execution
  • Active communication and visits with participating stores to ensure displays and POS materials in place
  • Sales associates trained on most important brand and item benefits – and active customer engagement techniques

During The Event

  • Customer engagement and education on most important brand and item benefits
  • Store level management and associate education on importance of product quality and attributes
  • Product “Main Home” filling and engaging customers at “Point of Sale”
  • Store Management training on “Best Of Class” customer education and cooking methods

After The Event

  • Review with store level management and associates of “In Store Event” execution and results
  • Impact analysis of sales penetration by item and department
  • Forward planning for next “In Store Event” and what produced increases in customer acceptance and sales increases
  • Analysis of products sales data and projected sales increases for next event

maximize promotional marketing spend

maximize shopper marketing spend

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Poor Perception

“These events are really changing the customer’s perception about our fresh Beef program. We are making a significant investment in our product quality and item specifications, as well as a media campaign – but these events bring it all to life in our stores. Not only are we winning in Beef now, but we are converting more customers into the Meat Department and driving higher basket sales.”


A large, national mass retailer wanted to increase penetration in its premium Beef tier to drive more traffic into other categories in the Meat department. Customers and competitors cited the retailer’s lagging quality and service offering as a reason not buy. Traditional demos were tried but they did not achieve the sales and customer conversion objectives for the retailer.


We worked extensively with Merchandising, Marketing and Operations to design a best-in-class Fresh Beef event program. The assortment, display fixtures, signage and customer talking points were aligned with the overarching marketing and customer strategy. Radian Events sales associates were trained to engage with customers to communicate key product attributes and actively sell items from the event display – or the self-serve case when the events were not in store for maximum long-term benefits.

Project Impact

The events are not only driving significant sales during the weeks they are in-store, but also sustaining the sales lift after the events. The premium beef tier saw over 100% growth, the total beef program saw 24% to 26% growth and the total Meat department saw between 8% and 9% growth versus the previous year. Additionally, the retailer observed sustained level of performance in the event stores well after the events were run indicating both the initial customer conversion and long-term loyalty for the retailer.

Steep Competition

“This seafood looks great…I didn't know I could get these kinds of items at this store. I usually buy my seafood at another store, but now I am buying it here. This is going to be a treat for my family and it’s a great value.”


A limited assortment retailer wanted to drive sales and enhance its image in the Perishable departments in a very competitive region against traditional and upscale grocery chains. The retailer was known for value in dry goods but had an opportunity in their Meat and Seafood quality and service image. Many of the retailer’s existing core customers were shopping for good quality, fresh meat and seafood and consequently other basket items with their competitors.


Radian Events worked with the retailer’s Merchandising team to develop the right Seafood assortment, pricing, sourcing, signage, schedule and in-store execution plan. We also implemented local market and social media marketing techniques to further educate existing customers and the surrounding trade area about the new offering and quality available at this retailer to drive awareness and customer traffic into the stores.

Project Impact

Radian Events generated significant sales growth and customer traffic to the Perishables department. Stores that hosted the “Seafood Roadshows” realized 50% to 100% lift in their fresh seafood items. Customers were excited to see these products in store and wanted to see both our events and these items in their stores everyday. Just as important, these events helped drive incremental basket sales for the retailer – roughly $1.30 to $1.50 in incremental basket sales were generated for every dollar purchased out of the Seafood Roadshow display.

Aligned Strategy

“Until now, we have never been able to bring together our marketing strategies, store operations and national brands into one easy to understand health and wellness solution for our shoppers. These events truly changed the way shoppers view our stores and our HBC department. We have been able to educate our shoppers, generate sales and increase customer loyalty.”


Executing a large retailer’s ‘Health and Wellness’ strategy required an innovative approach towards in-store display and customer engagement. Additionally, we needed to integrate the brand marketing and promotional support capabilities of national brand HBC suppliers into common themes and customer solutions.


Radian Events led a comprehensive initiative with the retailer’s Merchandising and Marketing teams to design events aligned with their Health and Wellness strategy. Radian Events also worked with the branded health, beauty and cosmetics suppliers to integrate key product attributes, brand messaging, customer education and specific sales targets into the program. We provided a turn-key solution for both the retailer and suppliers by bringing together products, brand marketing and trained sales associates to activate customer engagement.

Project Impact

Themed monthly events across beauty, health and weight loss concepts drove in-store theater and significant customer activity into the retailer’s HBC categories and department. The events were able to generate sales lifts between 5X to 10X for the participating brands in hair care, body wash, beauty/cosmetics and weight loss. For the retailer, these events drove 25% to 100% sales lift for the total category and 5% to 10% growth for the HBC department.

Product Showcase

“We are in much better position in our markets thanks to these events. Before, our customers did not believe in the freshness and quality of our Perishable departments. Now, these events let us showcase a level of service, customer engagement and product quality that our competitors cannot replicate. Radian Events helped us develop, roll-out and manage this program in all of our banners across the country much faster and more consistently than we otherwise would have done using a traditional approach.”


A large, national grocer was suffering from an identity crisis in their Perishables departments, especially in Seafood. The retailer’s goal was to not only close the gap in freshness, quality and service but to become a “destination” for Seafood. This was part of their overall strategy to win in Perishables to drive both store choice and total basket sales. The retailer needed Radian Events to act as national program manager to coordinate the program and ensure consistent execution across all of its banners, markets and stores.


Radian Events worked with the lead Merchants and the senior teams from key Seafood suppliers during the initial ideation and concept development work sessions to identify and define the most important customer-facing issues and opportunities. From there, we worked extensively with suppliers, equipment manufacturers and the Retailer’s Operations team to develop a program managed by Radian Events but executed by store staff to meet their service and quality objectives. Our role included assortment development, pricing recommendations, promotion planning, store scheduling, store associate training as well as conducting customer intercepts and program analytics. The solution developed was a multi-year program successfully executed for 10+ banners across the country.

Project Impact

These events had significant impact in elevating the fresh and quality image of the retailer – and helped them carve out a competitive advantage as a “seafood destination” in their markets. Events routinely drove $2,000 to $2,300 in sales of fresh seafood, beef and other proteins. Additionally, these events actively cross-merchandised high indexing affinity items such as Beer, Wine, Spices, Sauces and Marinades to generate incremental sales. This cross-merchandising and other promotional activity often generated an additional $1,000 to $2,000 of rest of basket incremental sales. Over the program life cycle, these events generated over $40 million in target item sales. Just as importantly the events helped their stores become known for fresh, high quality Perishables.

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