Radian isn’t new to the Food industry. For over 18 years, Radian has transformed Food Processor, Manufacturer, Retail, and Food Service firms into more effective, profitable, and competitive companies.

Founded in 1996, Radian initially focused on optimizing complex food supply chain and logistics processes between food retailers and their suppliers. As our customer base grew, we expanded our practitioner-led approach into the demand side of the supply chain: retailer and food service category management and planning. Subsequently, we invested substantially in analytics and planning tools, recruited top industry talent, and began changing how retailers and suppliers drive their business performance. This formed the basis for Radian’s Results Based Planning (RBP).

In 2008, a number of our retail customers asked that we lead the design and implementation of some in-market and in-store initiatives, and thus, Radian Activate was created. Greater expectations about merchandising and customer marketing investments require a more thoughtful approach, deeper expertise, and a culture of selling and consumer engagement. “Demos” simply don't work anymore.

Since our inception, we have continually grown our revenue, size, and capabilities. But more importantly, we have grown our customers’ businesses. We take pride in our consistent performance and our industry-leading client list.

All along the way, our Associates have grown with us—in number and in expertise. Exciting clients, interesting and challenging work, a healthy work-life balance, and the opportunity to “stretch their entrepreneurial legs” make Radian a great place to be.

Where do we go from here? Our current focus is on developing new approaches to information management, planning and analytics, linking to in-market and in-store execution, and creating outsourced merchandising process management solutions.

We see a much more competitive and dynamic future for the Food and Retail channels. Challenging? Certainly; agility and innovative thinking are required to navigate what lies ahead. But these are the moments where the best opportunities can emerge.

We hope we can be part of your future.