Solutions for an
evolving retail landscape

Radian provides the Retail industry planning and in-store activation solutions that drive sales and share growth, increase brand loyalty, reduce promotion and cost of goods spend and improve speed to market.

We know that retailers face constant change, from shifts in customer behavior to disruptions within the supply chain. We help our clients do more than just react to such changes; we help them plan for and create positive change in a hyper-competitive and fluid landscape.

Our comprehensive suite of retail planning solutions fundamentally transform retailer and supplier merchandising processes, organization, technology, and activation capabilities. Applied to a single store or the entire chain, Radian positively changes the trajectory of our retailers’ performance.

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Solutions for an evolving
foodservice landscape

Radian provides Foodservice Distributors and their Suppliers innovative solutions that drive improved volume, sales, and margin.

From collaborative planning to effective initiative execution and measurement, we fundamentally transform your processes, organizations, and technology. Our industry experts bring bring together the best of our proven approach, the distributors capabilities, and the supplier partners category knowledge to create a leading planning environment.

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Solutions for an evolving
customer landscape

Radian provides Suppliers a suite of planning capabilities deployed either internally with our Suppliers or within their Retail and Food Service customer's business.

Our Sales Planning and Execution expertise allows you to better align your products and services to your customers and helps you grow your business Our Program Development and Execution capabilities ensure new products and programs are launched effectively and successfully. Our Ongoing Program and Business Support integrates in to your customers’ category business planning, forecasting, and VMI processes.

With our innovative services, including in-store turn-key selling solutions, event marketing, field team management, and event execution, we drive sales for you and your customers.

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Are you ready for the changes
in consumer ready?

The Opportunity
Consumer Ready Fresh Meat offers you an efficient and easily-implemented means for keeping customers in your Meat Department and, therefore, your stores.

The Landscape
Today’s retail environment is more competitive and complex than ever and your Fresh Meat business is also under attack on a number of fronts.

The Benefit
Consumer Ready Fresh Meat programs can drive sales, increase variety and profitability, and provide customer solutions that drive loyalty. Depending on your configuration, they can create a 20% to 50% increase in earnings and a 2 to 5 point increase in share and customer loyalty.

The Radian Approach
We ensure that Merchandising, Distribution and Operations understands the program, benefits and business process requirements. Our end-to-end support between the Supplier, Retailer and Shopper ensures a successful transition and long-term program.

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